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Hybrid CE Class 2023

Please join us on our In-Person and Zoom CE Classes for 2023. We have partnered with Stanislaus County Farm Bureau to bring you some exciting new classes and opportunities to grow and learn with us. Our classes will begin on June 6th, 2023 at 10:00 am. Hope to see you soon!

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Ag Livestock Pass

Ag Livestock Pass

The purpose of the Livestock Pass Program is to provide a pathway for commercial livestock producer passholders to get limited access to their properties to care for stock during wildfire or similar disaster.

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Stanislaus County provide guidance and support in disaster assistance has been made available to the state of California to supplement state, local and tribal recovery efforts in the areas affected by disasters.

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Permit Renewal Online Scheduler

Permit Renewal Online Scheduler

Seasonal restricted materials permits are issued to property operators or their authorized representatives who have been certified to use restricted materials operator identification permits are issued to property operators to use non restricted materials.

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2021 Agricultural Statistics

Annual Agricultural Statistics Report

This report provides a statistical description of Stanislaus County's agricultural production. This report represents gross values of agricultural commodities and does not reflect production costs or profits.

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About Us

Who We Are

The office of the Agricultural Commissioner and Sealer of Weights and Measures is a regulatory agency acting under the authority of the State of California and direction of the California Department of Food and Agriculture; the Department of Pesticide Regulation; the Division of Measurement Standards; and in collaboration with various other federal, state, and local agencies.

What We Do

Our office enforces laws and regulations that support and protect the well-being of agriculture, the environment, business, and the community.

What We Offer

The Agricultural Division enforces pesticide laws and regulations; certifies agricultural products for export; works to detect and prevent the entry and spread of insects, weeds, and plant diseases harmful to agriculture; and certifies agricultural product quality.

The Weights and Measures Division is responsible for testing and certifying weighing and measuring devices to protect consumers and businesses by promoting a fair and equitable marketplace. The division also conducts quantity control inspections such as price verification point of sale transactions and bulk item sales.

Ag News

Weights and Measures

  • Changes to water, vapor, and electric submeter service availability.
  • Keep Spotted Lanternfly Out of California!

    Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) is a threat to many important commercial crops and affects our enjoyment of the outdoors. The pest feeds on a wide range of plants and trees, with damage seen in vineyards, nurseries, and urban and rural environments. Learn more about the pest and what it looks like in this video from the CDFA Pierce’s Disease/Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter Board: https://youtu.be/F3sjEAC0_XY

    You’re welcome to download the video and promotional bites at this link: ​Folder icon PDGWSS Board SLF Video The video is also available on YouTube at youtu.be/F3sjEAC0_XY and Facebook at bit.ly/3qnyAG8.

    Spot the Spotted Lanternfly? Snag it. Snap it. Report it.

    CDFA Pest Hotline: 1-800-491-1899
    Report online: reportapest.cdfa.ca.gov
    Learn more: https://www.cdfa.ca.gov/pdcp/board/spottedlanternfly.html

    SLF video – Spanish:

    SLF pest alert:

    Linda Pinfold
    Agricultural Commissioners Sealer of Weights and Measures
    Agricultural Commissioner & Sealer

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