Produce Sales

Certified Farmers Markets & Direct Marketing

The direct marketing of agricultural products through Certified Farmers Markets (CFMs) benefits the agricultural community and consumers. CFMs require produce sold is grown by the farmer, not a reseller. The high quality fresh produce brought to the CFM by its' producers creates a diverse market and provides the consumer with opportunity to meet the farmer and learn how their food is produced. CFMs may be operated by a Certified Producer, governmental or non-profit agency. The following Certified Farmers Markets operate in Stanislaus County:

Modesto Certified Farmers Market - Turlock Certified Farmers Market - Patterson Certified Farmers Market

Certified Producers

Certified Producers are inspected by the Agricultural Commissioner to verify commodities are being grown by the producer. Produce vendors at a CFM are required to be Certified Producers. Certified Producer Certificates may be used as a proof of ownership, and producers are exempt from many standard packaging requirements. Farm or roadside stands selling home-grown produce at or near the point of production are not required to be certified, but may be held to other local, state and federal regulations. For More information on Certified Farmers Markets or becoming a Certified Producer contact us and/or visit CDFA's Direct Marketing webpage.

Reselling Produce

For information on licensing for dealers, brokers, commission merchants, cash buyers, and processors that handle California farm products for the purpose of resale or processing, visit the CDFA Market Enforcement Branch webpage.

Produce Standards

Standardization of fruits and vegetables assists in ensuring minimum levels of quality, maturity, size, containerization, labeling and other packing requirements for handlers and consumers. Inspections take place in fields and packinghouses, at wholesale markets and retail distribution centers, retail outlets, and highway inspection stations. More information on produce standardization can be found on the CDFA Standardization Program webpage.

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