Apiary Inspection

This program emphasizes the registration and site location of honeybee colonies in the county. At the request of beekeepers or growers, the County Agricultural Commissioner inspects colonies for strength and health to ensure effective pollination.

Requirement for Registration of Apiaries in California:

  • Beekeepers operating in California on the first day of January shall register the number of colonies in each apiary (FAC 29040).
  • Beekeepers who move bees into the state, or otherwise come into possession of an apiary that is located within the state after the first of January, shall register the number of colonies moved into the state or so acquired within 30 days after coming into possession of the apiary (FAC 29042).
  • Each beekeeper shall pay an annual registration fee of $10 to the Agricultural Commissioner of the county where the bees reside to cover the cost of apiary registration (FAC 29044).
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